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‘Theft by deception’  has reached epidemic proportions. Global Advocates assist victims of investment fraud in the pursuit of asset recovery. If you have reason to believe a financial fraud or misrepresentation has been perpetrated against yourself or a group of investors we have the experience and resources necessary to prosecute fraudulent operators and pursue all remedies worldwide.

In times of economic turmoil, traditional investments generally experience declining returns prompting investors to look to non-traditional income streams to supplement or replace their existing revenues. Crooks and con-men are also constantly looking for ways to exploit the general public, often with very sophisticated schemes.

Victims of these schemes are lured to invest with companies and/or individuals promising attractive rates of return in “secure investments”, only to find that the “secure investments” were misrepresented or that their money has essentially been stolen.

Where large financial frauds are perpetrated, investors can lose billions of dollars collectively. Fraudsters conspire to steal and secrete assets both domestically as well as in offshore jurisdictions. If money was laundered, deposited or transferred into any regulated financial institution, public or private, anywhere in the world, it can be recovered , and we have the resources to do just that. Time is of the essence when dealing in such matters.

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